Empowering adults with disabilities to build better lives.

Our Mission

Tavon Learning Center contributes to the vitality of our community by providing active learning and community programs that empower adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to acquire home and community living skills.

Our Vision

We believe in the fundamental human right of people with disabilities to have an equal opportunity for learning. Our vision is a future in which adults with disabilities participate in post-high school learning and thrive in inclusive communities.

Our Values


We uphold and protect the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including equality, choice, and respect.


We see every experience as an opportunity to learn, grow and develop our abilities.


We support our members in making positive changes in their lives and using their voice.


We promote the development of communities that fully include and welcome people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Sabah's Story

The story of Tavon Learning Center began 34 years ago when our daughter Sabah was born with a significant disability. We certainly weren’t expecting to have to learn to parent a child with a disability. As Sabah got older, we dared to have the same hopes and dreams that every parent has for their child - good health, happiness, friends, and community.

As time went on, we found that we had a few more challenges than most families in helping Sabah realize her dreams.  When Sabah was ready to leave high school, we realized she was losing a big part of her community. She was not heading off to college or into a vocation yet we knew she needed a place where she could continue to work on new skills and remain engaged with the community.

We reached out to friends and family to help us create Tavon Learning Center a place where Sabah could have friends, find happiness, and continue to develop life skills that would make her as independent as possible. The Tavon Learning Center program is now over nine years old. In this time, we have gone from serving three members to serving 80, and the need continues to grow.

Today as I walked in the garden I see Sabah working with the staff and her friends, and I know that the program at Tavon works, Sabah has friends, community and a sense of purpose. This realization fills me with hope and optimism for my daughter’s future.

- Therese Vafaeezadeh

History of Tavon

  • 2003

    Established as a 501(c)(3)

  • 2004

    First fundraiser $50,000 raised

  • 2005

    Construction of facility underway

  • 2008

    Program opens with 3 members and 2 staff

  • 2016

    Property donated to Tavon Center

  • 2017

    Program thriving with 85 members and 14 staff

History of Tavon

Established as a 501(c)(3) Construction of facility underway Property donated to Tavon Center Program thriving with 85 members and 14 staff Program opens with 3 members and 2 staff First fundraiser $50,000 raised 2003 2004 2005 2008 2016 2017 2003 2004 2008 2017 2005 2016