Community Guide

Community Guide provides access to short-term, one-on-one services. In our Community Guide program, we focus on individualized goals determined by the family, member, and community guide staff. These services are designed to increase a client’s connection to their community, develop personal creativity, flexibility, form relationships, and serves as an introduction to supportive community resources.

"Community is much more than belonging to someone; it's about doing something that makes belonging matter."

Brian Solis

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Community Guide Overview

  • This program supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, DDA eligible. This service is available in the IFS Waiver, Basic Plus Waiver, Core Waivers, and PASRR.
  • Community Guide service times follow  Tavon’s AM/PM Day program sessions:
    AM Service Block: 9:00am - 1:00pm
    PM Service Block: 1:30pm - 4:50pm
  • The Tavon Learning Center will serve as the pickup and drop-off location ONLY. Your Community Guide Staff will meet your son or daughter at Tavon to begin services off site. You will be responsible for pickup and drop-off either with Access or personally.
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How To Get Started


1. Reach out to your DDA Case Manager about Community Guide Services through
the Tavon Learning Center to see if you are eligible.

2. Establish two to three target goals.

3. Contact Community Guide Coordinator.

What you’ll need prepared when contacting our Community Guide Coordinator:

  • Availability for Services
  • Goals
  • Outing ideas
  • Case Manager’s Contact Information (Phone and Email)
  • Your Contact Information (Phone and Email)
  • Completed Intake Form
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Common Goals


Community Guide members focus on a variety of goals such as:

  • Increase physical activity for overall health and wellness
  • Build community connections
  • Community safety
  • Vocational skills
  • Social skills within the community
  • Money handling
  • Community awareness
  • Volunteer work
  • Recreational activities (attending classes such as yoga, swimming, art, etc.)

The Benefits of Community Guide are MANY!

Community Guide gives your son or daughter the opportunity to expand skills and community connections with one-on-one peer coaching.

The greater Issaquah area offers a wonderful community for members to explore! We volunteer our time and frequently visit the YMCA, Issaquah Community Center, the Library, Parks, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, and so much more!

Interested in getting started?

Contact our Community Guide Coordinator at:

Katy Higgins
Email: Katy@TavonCenter.Org
Phone: (425) 999-2720