Hello Tavon Members!

We are so happy you have joined us! Be sure to check out the schedule for Zoom Classes. If you want to want to see some great pictures, scroll to the bottom! There you will find pictures of the Tavon Team as well as our Photo Gallery.

Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Tavon Learning Center

"Everything" lessons with Marcus on Mondays at 2:00 pm, Duration: approximately 1-1.5 hours:

In these classes, participants will learn about a wide variety of things in interactive ways. They will learn about things like science, animals, plants, health, social skills, the arts, and more.

Nutrition Class with Anna on Tuesdays at 2:00 pm, Duration:1-1.5 hours: 
In these classes  participants will learn about the nutritional values of different kinds of food. They will also follow a recipe and make food together in each class.
International Lesson with Anna on Wednesday at 2:00 pm, Duration: approximately 1-1.5 hours: 
In these classes  participants will learn about different countries. They will learn about the landscape, the animals, the culture, and more about different countries.

Art Class with Anna on Thursday at 2:00 pm, Duration: approximately 1-1.5 hours: 
In these classes, participants will make art together, like paintings and drawings, and learn different art technics in comprehensive ways.
Bingo With Marcus on Friday at 2:00 pm, Duration: approximately 30-45 minutes:
In this group activities participants will play bingo with each other. The theme of the bingo sheets will be based on the other Zoom lessons from that week.

Team Members


Holly Leonard

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Katy Higgins


Anna Lindquist

Casey Blanchard

Casey Blanchard


Maddie Boldt


Lane Dyer

Marcus Carlton

Marcus Carlton


Sam Schaubhut

Lauren Kulbeth

Lauren Kulbeth

Connie staff photo

Connie Elliot


Therese Vafaeezadeh


Aaron Arellano

Chad Braun

Chad Braun

Kate resized

Kate Dollman


Kyle Svancarek


Jahan Vafaeezadeh


Hannah Miller


Tia Heywood

Trenton resized

Trenton Bick

Birdy Birdy

Bellamy "Birdy" Delgado

Application Process

Call our main office at (425) 999-2269 or email holly@tavoncenter.org to schedule a tour. We ask that both the parent/guardian and the prospective member attend the tour.

Print and complete Forms and Policies   1 - 7 at home.

Bring the completed forms, along with the $50 Application Fee, to the scheduled tour. Application materials and fee may also be mailed to: Tavon Learning Center, P.O. Box 1243, Issaquah, WA 98027, or emailed to holly@tavoncenter.org.

Billing and Fees Policy

Invoices are sent at the beginning of each month and must be paid by the 10th of each month.

Current rate is $70.40 for a 4-hour session or $140.80 for an 8-hour session (both $17.60 per hour)

Respite hours must be approved by the DDA case manager. Invoices are sent to the parent/guardian and the DDA case manager. Please provide the Tavon Center with the name of your case manager and their email address.