Living Better


Karley’s family and friends know her for her big smile and infectious laughter.  But with a move to a new area, it wasn’t always the case. In spring 2017, Karley began attending Tavon. Tavon has supplied Karley with a place she can regularly interact with her peers and build long-lasting friendships. Now, Karley has a circle of friends and enjoys experiencing new locations and trying new things.  Karley knows that she can do anything she sets her mind to because her friends will always be there for her. Karley’s big smile isn’t going anywhere.


Matt came to Tavon to learn independent living skills and make new friends.  But Matt needed more than that – he needed real-life settings and lots of practice.  Tavon provided Matt with opportunities to experience being flexible and adapting to the changes life can bring. He now has the tools he needs to be confident and comfortable in new situations and to embrace the unfamiliar. With the abilities he has grown at Tavon, he is now living in a supported living home model with a friend.


After leaving the public school Transition Program in 2009, Austin started searching for a community that supported his desire in furthering his personal growth. At Tavon, he learned that his progress and voice mattered, while also listening to and respecting others.  These newly developed social skills enable him to make new connections quickly and even helped strengthen his current relationships. Now, Austin is a happy and empowered young adult. Today, he might just be the most joyful and fun-loving person you could ever meet.  Austin is a true altruist and has found success as a part-time worker.


Miles was a young man who has struggled with exploring new things. In 2011, Tavon became a part of his life. The programs provided Miles the opportunity to get out into the community and make connections, and develop life skills through classes. He found peer coaching that supported him in being himself and growing his abilities. Not only has Miles gained the confidence to explore new things, he now has a life of his own.

“The staff at Tavon have helped to make this next step of independent living possible for our son and we are thankful!”

Sara Wilson, Mother of Matt, Tavon Member