Welcome Tavon Parents & Families!

An informed, engaged, and supportive family plays an instrumental role in the success of our Tavon members.

We hope that this website will be a valuable tool for our parent community and a vehicle of frequent communication/collaboration between families. On this page, you will find information, forms, and other documents to help families and members make the most of their experience at Tavon.

It is truly a privilege to teach, coach, guide, and empower our members to be their best selves and thrive in our community. Each member is unique and contributes something different to Tavon Learning Center.

Your support has been invaluable.
-The Tavon Team

Time Away Sign-Ups Will Resume After Covid-19

The following links are for the Time Away Sign-Ups. These are intended for members with permanent spots to report planned absences from Tavon. Time Away Sign-Ups MUST be received no later than the 14th of the previous month (ex: a March absence must be reported no later than February 14th). The open spaces are offered to others in a Time Available Calendar. As long as your spot is filled, you will not be billed for the absence. Open spots are nearly always filled. Please contact holly@tavoncenter.org with any questions. Thank you!


Please text absences to (425) 999-2269 or e-mail absences to our attendance e-mail at holly@tavoncenter.org

Inclement Weather Policy

Tavon follows the Issaquah School District for closures and delays due to snow. You can check the Issaquah School District website for these notices at https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/

Application Process

  • Call our main office at (425) 999-2269 or email holly@tavoncenter.org (preferred) to schedule a tour of Tavon. The tour allows you to learn more about how our scheduling, sign-ups, and how our wait-list works. You will also learn what a typical day at Tavon includes and the various programming and activities members participate in.
  • Print and complete Forms and Policies 1 – 6. Download the file to the desktop, then open it. It will open in a new tab in your browser. Input information into the boxes and save it. To save,
    re-download the document (upper right corner), and save with your last name in the title. Attach the documents and send via email to Holly. Also include any recent IEPs, Behavior Plans, and the most recent annual DDA assessment.
  • Pay a $50 application fee (checks can be made out to Tavon Learning Center).
  • Schedule an intake assessment for the prospective new member with Marcus Carlton, Behavior Support Specialist: Marcus@tavoncenter.org (Application materials and IEP/DDA Assessment, etc. must be submitted prior to the intake assessment).

Billing and Fees Policy

  • Invoices are sent at the beginning of each month and must be paid by the 10th of each month.
  • The current rate is $72.64 for a 4-hour session or $145.28 for an 8-hour session (both $18.16 per hour)
  • Respite hours must be approved by the DDA case manager. Invoices are sent to the parent/guardian and the DDA case manager. Please provide Tavon Learning Center with the name of your case manager and their email address.